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Title Created Date
Edmonton's Living Wage - 2017 Update 28 June 2017
Edmonton’s 2016 living wage calculated to be $16.69 per hour 23 June 2016
Paula Simons: Edmonton must learn the lessons of its gallant response to the Fort McMurray fire 02 June 2016
Keep Investing in Alberta’s Children 12 April 2016
Edmonton’s living wage calculated to be $17.36 29 June 2015
Two Edmonton youth groups recognized for social justice advocacy for GSAs and poverty 20 May 2015
Two Edmonton youth groups recognized for social justice advocacy for GSAs and poverty 20 May 2015
Former ESPC board member passes away 26 January 2015
One in eight Edmontonians live in poverty, new report shows 14 January 2015
No Change - 143,200 Children Live in Poverty in Alberta 24 November 2014
Edmonton: youngest among major Canadian cities, Vital Signs® report reveals 06 October 2014
Kate Quinn honoured with social justice award for work in reducing sexual exploitation 06 May 2014
More than one in ten children lives in poverty in Alberta: New report challenges government to move "from words to actions" 26 November 2013
Strong Economy Not Lifting All Boats: ESPC releases updated publication tracking social trends 30 September 2013
Tens of Thousands of Vulnerable Albertans Affected by Loss of STEP: Survey finds more than half (56%) of non-profits will no longer be able to provide the same level of community programming in 2013 17 June 2013
Redford Government challenged to 'Achieve the Promise': Report reveals 91,000 children live in poor families 21 November 2012
Alberta Child Poverty Increases 40% 23 November 2011
Recession Takes Toll on Edmonton's Social Health 21 October 2011
Recession Causes Huge Poverty Spike in Alberta and Edmonton: Almost one in five Edmonton children were living in poverty in 2009 15 June 2011
53,000 Alberta Children Live Below Poverty Line: Report Calls on Governments and Others to Work Together to End Poverty 24 November 2010