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Calculating Edmonton’s Living Wage: Other Family Types 2016 Update

The 2016 living wage for Edmonton is $16.69 per hour. This is the amount that a family of four with two parents who work full-time require to live in economic stability and maintain a modest standard of living. This includes being able to afford basic necessities (food, shelter, utilities, clothing, transportation, etc.), to support healthy child development, to avoid financial stress, and to participate in their communities. However, this is not the only family type represented in Edmonton; each family type will have a different living wage due mainly to differences in expenses and government transfers. We have also calculated the living wages for a lone parent family and a single adult. These calculations are based on BC’s “Calculation Guide” (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives).

The 2016 living wage for lone parents is $18.15 per hour.

The 2016 living wage for single adults is $17.81 per hour.

For the main Edmonton Living Wage 2016 update, which includes a complete summary of the living wage, the case for a living wage, and written summaries of the calculations, please visit our website at or use the direct link

Download the Other Family Types Living Wage Report today.

File name 2016LivingWageOtherFamilyTypesUpdate.pdf File Size 214 Kilobytes File Type pdf (application/pdf) Created Date Tuesday, 01 November 2016 Modified Date Thursday, 23 February 2017

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