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High price, low vacancy: Edmonton's short supply of apartments coupled with high demand leaves many renters lacking
The cost of poverty: Those who suffer most are those who have no choice
Low-income families urged to fill out tax returns for benefits
Alberta Child Benefit makes life more affordable for parents
New benefits called 'game changers' for ending child poverty
UPDATE: 'More than just a hope, it’s a certainty that we are moving on this.' ‘EndPovertyEdmonton holds first event to get started on anti-poverty work.
McCauley documentary starts conversations about social housing
Adopt-A-Teen: Scale of poverty hard to ignore
This year's Vital Signs report sheds light on changing Edmonton demographics.
Edmonton immigration nearly triples in ten years
'Vital Signs' report shows new immigrants still attracted to Edmonton
Pets outnumber kids & 9 other facts from 2016 Edmonton Vital Signs report
University-educated immigrants face tough challenge finding employment in Edmonton
Part of downtown Edmonton avenue renamed Judy Padua Way
Edmonton's 2016 living wage: $16.69 per hour
Opinion: Beefed up child benefits are a poverty game changer
Affordable housing, transit access part of Edmonton plan to lift 10,000 families out of poverty in five years
Helping out impoverished children
ESPC's John Kolkman quoted in the Edmonton Journal on Alberta's economy
Renovating the Edmonton Remand Centre a costly procedure
Opinion: Notley’s chance to forge fair society for all
Non profit calculates living wage
Edmonton ‘living wage’ $17.36, according to report
$17.36 per hour needed to get by in Edmonton, says living wage report
Youth Groups Recognized for Social Justice Advocacy
Edmonton Social Planning Council sees good and bad in the province’s budget
Low-income families win tax breaks in new Alberta budget
Low-income families win tax breaks in new Alberta budget
New Parent Link Centres announced along with tax benefits for families
Edmonton agencies brace for more poor as oil prices fall
Wanted: a better deal for young Canadians
Edmonton's youth unemployment high; wages low: report
Edmonton one of Canada’s youngest cities, statistics say
Edmonton getting younger all the time
Thousands still on welfare rolls despite booming Alberta economy
Edmonton's population reaches 877,926, Global Edmonton
Report calls for action against child poverty (video)
Report calls for action against child poverty
Terwillegar Towne - ESPC Global Morning News (Video)
Alberta Child Poverty Changes Endorsed by Edmonton School Boards
Edmonton's child poverty rate highest in province
Report's authors press Alberta Premier to deliver on child poverty pledge
Province urged to invest $1 billion dollars in war on child poverty
Child-poverty report calls for tax hikes: Increase to 1990s levels would bring in up to $2 billion
Edmonton families not spending enough on healthy food, report suggests
Food security report says Edmonton grocery prices have more than doubled
One in ten Albertans can't afford nutritious food: study
Supportive housing proposal in south Edmonton continues to fuel debate
Lower income Edmonton household subsidies cut $50 a month
Survey examines impact of losing Summer Temporary Employment Program
High price, low vacancy: Edmonton's short supply of apartments coupled with high demand leaves many renters lacking
High price, low vacancy: Edmonton's short supply of apartments coupled with high demand leaves many renters lacking
The cost of poverty: Those who suffer most are those who have no choice
One in ten Alberta children lives in poverty: report
Report says child poverty in Alberta can be wiped out but not without raising taxes
Edmonton's Living Wage - 2017 Update
Edmonton’s 2016 living wage calculated to be $16.69 per hour
Paula Simons: Edmonton must learn the lessons of its gallant response to the Fort McMurray fire
Keep Investing in Alberta’s Children
Edmonton’s living wage calculated to be $17.36
Two Edmonton youth groups recognized for social justice advocacy for GSAs and poverty
Two Edmonton youth groups recognized for social justice advocacy for GSAs and poverty
Former ESPC board member passes away
One in eight Edmontonians live in poverty, new report shows
No Change - 143,200 Children Live in Poverty in Alberta
Edmonton: youngest among major Canadian cities, Vital Signs® report reveals
Kate Quinn honoured with social justice award for work in reducing sexual exploitation
More than one in ten children lives in poverty in Alberta: New report challenges government to move "from words to actions"
Strong Economy Not Lifting All Boats: ESPC releases updated publication tracking social trends
Tens of Thousands of Vulnerable Albertans Affected by Loss of STEP: Survey finds more than half (56%) of non-profits will no longer be able to provide the same level of community programming in 2013
Redford Government challenged to 'Achieve the Promise': Report reveals 91,000 children live in poor families
Alberta Child Poverty Increases 40%
Recession Takes Toll on Edmonton's Social Health
Recession Causes Huge Poverty Spike in Alberta and Edmonton: Almost one in five Edmonton children were living in poverty in 2009
53,000 Alberta Children Live Below Poverty Line: Report Calls on Governments and Others to Work Together to End Poverty
Day of Action for a Canada-wide Housing Strategy
A made-in-Alberta child-tax benefit would reduce cost of poverty: Investment in poor would pay dividends to society, economy
Little Good News in Budget for Alberta Renters and Homeless : 18.6% Cut Puts Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness at Serious Risk of Failure
Minimum Wage Freeze a Backward Step: No evidence the scheduled 12 cent per hour increase would harm employers
It's Time to Make Alberta Poverty-Free: Albertans Call on Governments to Work Together to Establish a Poverty Elimination Strategy
End of Boom Taking Toll on Edmonton's Social Health: ESPC Releases Updated Publication Tracking Social Trends
Reducing poverty a sound investment in uncertain times : Failing to invest now will lead to higher societal costs down the road
77,595 Alberta Children Live Below the Poverty Line : Report Calls for a Comprehensive Poverty Reduction Strategy
Campaign 2000 asks Prime Minister Harper to keep interests of children on the agenda for fall session
ESPC Releases Renters Survey Report : Affordability crisis continues for low and modest income renters
Renters Survey Launched: ESPC to ask renters for views on Edmonton’s rental market affordability
Affordable Housing Policy Needs Leadership: Mixing housing types throughout the city is crucial
Standing Still While the Economy Booms: Household incomes stagnant despite record levels of economic growth, says report
Action Needed to Keep Lid on Sky-High Rents: Renters Listening Report makes 13 recommendations for government action
Economy Sizzles But Edmonton's Social Health Not as Hot: Social Planning Council Releases New Publication Tracking Social Trends
Growing inequality threatens cohesion of Canadian society : Some solutions to closing the widening gap
Make Work Pay for More Alberta Families
Tories slow to give decent income to poorest Albertans
We're Hiring! - Research Coordinator
Keep Investing in Alberta’s Children: The Government’s Role in Ending Child and Family Poverty
October 26, 2017 Lunch and Learn: Vital Signs
2017 Vital Signs Report: Belonging
Election 2017 Candidate Survey Responses
2016 Annual Report
ESPC 77th Annual AGM
Building Empathy and Conquering Apathy Symposium
Lunch and Learn: More Than Minimum Calculating Edmonton 2017 Living Wage
Lunch and Learn: Urban Coyotes in Conflict or Coexistence?
Spring 2017 fACTivist: Precarious Work
Community Agency Roundtable Report: Meeting the Needs of LGBTQ Youth in Edmonton and Area.
2017 Award of Merit for Advocacy of Social Justice
Lunch and Learn: Social Isolation
Volunteers needed for our fundraising casino!
Lunch and Learn: From the Ground Up: Building a Love that Lasts.
2017 Profile of Poverty in Edmonton Update Launch
fACTivist Winter 2017
Pecha Kucha Edmonton #26: More than Minimum
Calculating Edmonton’s Living Wage: Other Family Types 2016 Update
Lunch and Learn Series: How Are Alberta's Children Doing?
2016 Lunch and Learn Series: Habitat for Humanity
Now Hiring: Research Coordinator
Vital Signs Launch
2016 Lunch and Learn Series: Minimum Wage and Living Wage
More than Minimum: Calculating Edmonton’s Living Wage: 2016 Update
ESPC 2016 Strategic Plan
the fACTivist Summer 2016
Edmonton Social Planning Council 2015 Annual Report
End Poverty in a Generation: A Road Map to Guide Our Journey
POSITION CLOSED--Thank you for your interest!--We're Hiring! Research Assistant Summer Position
Edmonton Social Planning Council Annual General Meeting
Uncertainty Affects Edmonton Social Trends
Child Poverty by Election Riding (2015)
Vital Signs® Edmonton 2015
Winter 2015 fACTivist: Gay/Straight Alliances
WE ARE LISTENING Sparking Public Conversation on GSAs
April 14, deadline for Award of Merit nominations
Seasonal Celebration
Vital Signs® Edmonton 2014
ESPC Annual Report 2013
Edmonton Homeless Commission - Year 5 Update
Poverty Elimination Steering Committee Report
2014 Alberta Budget Analysis
Alberta Social Policy Framework
2013 AGM Minutes in Brief
Children's Charter Public Consultations
tracking the TRENDS 2013: 12th Edition
ESPC Award of Merit for Advocacy of Social Justice
Engaging Edmontonians to Thrive and Prosper: What We Heard
Fall 2013 fACTivist: Warming Up Winter
From Words to Action: Alberta Can Afford a Real Poverty Reduction Strategy