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Title Created Date
Day of Action for a Canada-wide Housing Strategy 22 October 2010
A made-in-Alberta child-tax benefit would reduce cost of poverty: Investment in poor would pay dividends to society, economy 16 March 2010
Little Good News in Budget for Alberta Renters and Homeless : 18.6% Cut Puts Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness at Serious Risk of Failure 10 February 2010
Minimum Wage Freeze a Backward Step: No evidence the scheduled 12 cent per hour increase would harm employers 05 February 2010
It's Time to Make Alberta Poverty-Free: Albertans Call on Governments to Work Together to Establish a Poverty Elimination Strategy 24 November 2009
Reducing poverty a sound investment in uncertain times : Failing to invest now will lead to higher societal costs down the road 04 April 2009
End of Boom Taking Toll on Edmonton's Social Health: ESPC Releases Updated Publication Tracking Social Trends 01 February 2009
77,595 Alberta Children Live Below the Poverty Line : Report Calls for a Comprehensive Poverty Reduction Strategy 21 November 2008
Campaign 2000 asks Prime Minister Harper to keep interests of children on the agenda for fall session 16 November 2008
ESPC Releases Renters Survey Report : Affordability crisis continues for low and modest income renters 24 September 2008
Renters Survey Launched: ESPC to ask renters for views on Edmonton’s rental market affordability 17 April 2008
Affordable Housing Policy Needs Leadership: Mixing housing types throughout the city is crucial 06 January 2008
Standing Still While the Economy Booms: Household incomes stagnant despite record levels of economic growth, says report 31 October 2007
Action Needed to Keep Lid on Sky-High Rents: Renters Listening Report makes 13 recommendations for government action 18 June 2007
Economy Sizzles But Edmonton's Social Health Not as Hot: Social Planning Council Releases New Publication Tracking Social Trends 12 April 2007
Growing inequality threatens cohesion of Canadian society : Some solutions to closing the widening gap 02 January 2007
Make Work Pay for More Alberta Families 04 September 2006
Tories slow to give decent income to poorest Albertans 26 June 2006