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The ESPC provides research, reviews, and updates on a range of social issues

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Immigration and Diversity: Population Projections for Canada and its Regions, 2011 to 2036
Reviewed By: Zahro Hassan - 1

Domestic Violence and Housing Forum 2016
Reviewed by Janine Isaac  - 3

Domestic Violence and Housing Forum 2016: Final Report
Reviewed by Navroop Tehara - 5

Two Perspectives on Housing Affordability in Canada
Reviewed by Maxwell Harrison - 7

A Survey of the Living Wage Movement in Canada: Prospects and Challenges
Reviewed by Eric Van Eerde - 9

Dismantling the Welfare Wall for Persons with Disabilities
Reviewed by Debyani Sarker - 11

Controlling Homeless People? Power, Interventionism and Legitimacy
Reviewed by Shion Aonuma -13