CM: Poundmaker’s Lodge and its Role in Combatting The Fear of ‘Stigma’ and its Social Violence 

By Siobhan Dreelan and Virginia Duran   Mental Health and Wellness can have both positive and negative effects on the individual, family, community, and Nation. In today’s society, you can see people struggling with Mental Health and Wellness negatively –...

Research Review – The State of Childcare Services in Canada: Towards Affordability 

The cost of childcare services has steadily risen over the years and the federal government announced an ambitious plan to decrease fees to $10 a day in all provinces and territories. There are however several considerations to analyze before this reality can take...

CM: How a Livable Income Impacts Mental Wellness

By Brett Lambert    The ability to make ends meet—which includes keeping a roof over one’s head, putting food on the table, and meeting other basic necessities—is integral for both a person’s physical and mental well-being. Whether a person’s primary source of...

Blog: Experiences of Grief: Intersectional Healing 

Grief is a response to profound loss which comes in many forms and affects people differently. Resources, wellness practice and support networks are important ways to facilitate healing from this experience, especially as it pertains to marginalized loss.     By...

CM: The Impact of Income: Post-Secondary Students’ Mental Health

By Alejandra Hasbun, Practicum Student    Income affects every aspect of a person's life. It can alter choices in everyday decisions, for better or worse. For post-secondary students, not having enough income to meet basic needs is an extremely heavy burden to...

Blog: Neurodiversity and Mental Wellness 

Though neurodiversity is often confused as being a mental health and wellness concern in need of “curing”, it is an aspect that deserves celebrating.  However, neurodiverse individuals remain susceptible to comorbid mental health concerns which are deserving of...


The Edmonton Social Planning Council is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan social research organization, with registered charitable status. Our focus is social research, particularly in the areas of low income and poverty. ESPC is a source of knowledge and expertise on social issues within our community.

ESPC focus centers on topics related to low-income and poverty. Our work includes undertaking research into the nature and magnitude of social issues in our community; public awareness and understanding of current social issues; being an independent voice in the community; encouraging public participation in the development of social policies, and the implementation of programs.

The strength of our voice and our role in the community is based on the support of people and organizations concerned about social issues. ESPC conducts research and analyzes data, produces reports, provides recommendations, is a depository of information, provides public education, conducts focus groups, does presentations, and works collaboratively with other social agencies.

We are dedicated to encouraging the adoption of equitable social policy, supporting the work of other organizations who are striving to improve the lives of Edmontonians, and educating the public regarding the social issues that impact them daily

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A new report takes the pulse of Edmonton with a deeper look at systemic racism.

CBC Radio Edmonton AM with Mark Connolly and Tara McCarthythy

Guest: Sydney Sheloff, Strategic Research Coordinator, Edmonton Social Planning Council – (Click to hear the interview)

New report suggests Alberta’s living wage is higher than the minimum wage

630 CHED Afternoons with J’lyn Nye

Guest: Susan Morrissey, Executive Director, Edmonton Social Planning Council – (Click to hear the interview)

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Intergenerational and historical traumas continue to impact the lives of Indigenous Peoples. The lasting impacts of trauma play out through addictions, chronic negativity, mental unwellness, poverty, violence, and more that continue to plague many people.
The cost of childcare has steadily risen over the years and the federal government announced an ambitious plan to decrease fees in all provinces and territories. There are however several considerations to analyze before this reality can take place.
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Join us for our March Lunch & Learn with Jana Grekul and Jenna Robinson from the Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta on Women’s Re-entry Post-incarceration: Challenges and Successes in Transitions

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Thank you volunteers for your contributions in the months of December and January, and thank you to the volunteers who have projects in the works!!

Your contributions matter and help in shifting conversations. ESPC could not do the work it does without volunteers like you.
The ability to make ends meet is integral to both a person’s physical and mental well-being. Whether a person’s primary source of income is from employment or they are reliant on income support programs, everyone deserves a livable income.
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@mykickstandca: Join us on January 26 at the Virtual Kickstand Open House - featuring an info session, presentation on Peer & Employment Services, games, prizes + a giveaway for all attendees! Drop in anytime between 4-7pm!

Use the QR code or link here to sign up.
Living Wage Alberta Employer

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We are currently tracking 75 social well-being indicators for Edmonton and the region.

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We’re pleased to open up our Lunch and Learn series to other non-profits as a way of introducing agencies and their incredible programs and services to other community members.

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The video is the latest from our Lunch and Learn series. Click on the image to view or visit our YouTube channel for more videos (click here)

Lunch & Learn: Enhancing Impact within Alberta’s Mental Health & Addictions Care Systems

When: Thursday, December 15 @12pm

Speaker: Deborah McKinnon, President & CEO, Mental Health Foundation

Summary: The Mental Health Foundation was founded in 1998 and is dedicated to building better mental health services ...
for people in the Edmonton metropolitan region. They help fund education programs, research, new technologies, and facility enhancements. For this Lunch & Learn presentation, Deborah McKinnon will provide an overview of the Mental Health Foundation and its key priorities, which reflect an exciting evolution and growth over the last two years.[+] Show More
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