Research Update: Long-Term Care and Federalism

A review by Rebecca Jansen In the wake of COVID-19, faults within Canada’s provincially regulated long-term care facilities became prominent news headlines. As some of us may recall, 80% of Canadian deaths occurred in long-term care facilities during the first eight months of COVID-19 (p. 3). These glaring statistics not only drew public...

Media Release: Edmonton Social Planning Council Launches the Social Well-Being Tracker, Which Measures the Collective Health of Edmonton

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDMONTON - How many Edmontonians live in low-income or poverty? What is the voter turnout rate during elections in Edmonton? What is the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment? What is the high school completion rate at Edmonton’s public schools? Questions like these on the collective health of Edmonton can be...

Media Release: Joint Statement on the British Columbia and Canadian Government Agreement on a National System of Early Learning and Child Care

The Edmonton Social Planning Council and the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care are very pleased to hear the announcement that British Columbia’s provincial government reached a deal with the federal government to participate in a national system of early learning and child care that seeks to make child care more affordable and more...

ESPC in the News: Susan Morrissey reacts to the Canada-Alberta Housing Benefit announcement on 630 CHED with Shaye Ganam

On July 8, 2021, our Executive Director Susan Morrissey appeared on 630 CHED with Shaye Ganam to discuss the recent announcement of the Canada-Alberta Housing Benefit, which will provide $444 million in funding (cost-matched between the federal and provincial government) designed to provide rental assistance to low-income Albertans. This program...

Research Update: Taking stock at the one-year mark: The socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 in Canada

A review by Laurel Van De Keere Introduction The year-in-review report COVID-19 in Canada: A One-Year Update on Social and Economic Impacts was published by Statistics Canada in March 2021 using statistical information provided by Canadian citizens, businesses, governments, and other institutions. The report provides a snapshot of the...

Media Release: Statement on Rent Support through the Canada-Alberta Housing Benefit program

The Edmonton Social Planning Council (ESPC) is encouraged to hear about the announcement of $444 million investment in rent support through a joint federal and provincial Canada-Alberta Housing Benefit program, which will see equal cost-matching between the two orders of government. It is expected to provide rent support to more than 35,000...

Media Release: More investments in our social safety net, including a basic income, will make life more affordable for vulnerable Edmontonians, says new joint ESPC and CEASE Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDMONTON – Making ends meet has always been a challenge for low-income individuals and families, particularly women, and the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these inequities even further. A suite of recommendations of robust investments in our social safety net from the provincial government and non-profit organizations would...

Bridging the Affordability Gap: Report and Recommendations

Bridging the Affordability Gap summarizes the results of a short-term bridge funding program involving five women with histories of sexual exploitation who were facing financial difficulties making ends meet and did not want to turn back to the sex trade to pay the bills. For five months (November 2020 to March 2021), project funding covered...


The Edmonton Social Planning Council is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan social research organization, with registered charitable status. Our focus is social research, particularly in the areas of low income and poverty. ESPC is a source of knowledge and expertise on social issues within our community.

ESPC focus centers on topics related to low-income and poverty. Our work includes undertaking research into the nature and magnitude of social issues in our community; public awareness and understanding of current social issues; being an independent voice in the community; encouraging public participation in the development of social policies, and the implementation of programs.

The strength of our voice and our role in the community is based on the support of people and organizations concerned about social issues. ESPC conducts research and analyzes data, produces reports, provides recommendations, is a depository of information, provides public education, conducts focus groups, does presentations, and works collaboratively with other social agencies.

We are dedicated to encouraging the adoption of equitable social policy, supporting the work of other organizations who are striving to improve the lives of Edmontonians, and educating the public regarding the social issues that impact them daily

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1 hour ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"The Canada Child Benefit further alleviates financial anxiety for parents. Unlike child tax credits in the US, which were traditionally paid with tax returns, Canada delivers its tax credit in monthly payments to low- and middle-income families." #cdnpoli
1 day ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"Now, families earning a household income of as much as $90,000 can apply to receive $125 a month for child-care costs, up from the $75,000 household income threshold." #ableg #abpoli
1 day ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
You can learn more about the C5 hub by watching our Lunch and Learn event here: #yeg #yegcc 2/
1 day ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"The hub's most successful experiment has been not just in co-locating agencies all in one building, but in integrating their services, which range from housing, employment, addiction counselling, mental health, & child and family services." #yeg #yegcc 1/
2 7
2 days ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"Judy White, the director of operations at Thornhill Childcare Society, calls it a step in the right direction, but wants to see an increase in the ceiling for maximum income eligibility." #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
4 days ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
A helpful primer on the differences between social, supportive, and affordable housing. #housing #cdnpoli
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4 days ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"The CPI might be the most important number that Statistics Canada generates. The Bank of Canada relies on it to set interest rates, governments use it to determine benefits, and companies and unions lean on it when negotiating wages." #cdnpoli #CPI
5 days ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"“Reusing these public spaces creates sites of connection,” Morrow tells me. “It seems really small, but it builds up over time.” Having people occupy these spaces also keeps them lively, preventing a neighbourhood’s slide into neglect and disarray." #yeg
5 days ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"Approximately 45 per cent of homeless youth in Edmonton are members of the LGBTQ+ community." #yeg #yegcc #yegvote #LGBTQ
4 5
5 days ago
Edmonton Social Planning Council @edmontonspc
"She warned that the loss of benefits for the already traumatized and largely Indigenous youth could result in more deaths, homelessness, substance use, crime and unwanted pregnancies." #ableg #abpoli
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