June 27th is the 51st Anniversary of Canadian Multiculturalism Day

By Jayme Wong Monday, June 27th, 2022 is Canadian Multiculturalism Day. Since 2002, this day marks and celebrates the contributions to Canadian society by individuals of various backgrounds and their diversity [1]. Placed between National Indigenous Peoples Day on...

Expanding Alberta’s Economy, Workforce and Global Advantage Through Student and Community Success

This report reviews the Alberta 2030 Economic Plan and the educational curriculums and systemic changes taking place in Alberta to progress the provincial agenda. The discussion follows a methodical and logical approach where connections and differences between the...

Audited Financial Statements

Please click on the year to access our previous Audited Financial Statements 2020 Audited Financial Statement 2019 Audited Financial Statement 2018 Audited Financial Statement 2017 Audited Financial Statement 2016 Audited Financial Statement 2015 Audited Financial...

Blog: World Refugee Day – Right to Seek Safety

By Jordan Clark Marcichiw Each year on June 20th countries from across the globe celebrate World Refugee Day, a day designated to honour the bravery, courage, and resilience of those who have been forced to flee their countries of origin to escape conflict or...

Blog: Pride Month: Combating Heterosexism, Discrimination, and Oppression

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Blog: National Indigenous History Month: Acknowledging, Celebrating and Honouring 

By Amanda Labonte, Jenn Rossiter and Sydney Sheloff  National Indigenous History Month is a time for celebrating the rich and diverse histories and cultures of Indigenous Peoples.   As settlers and non-Indigenous persons on this land we have a responsibility to...


The Edmonton Social Planning Council is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan social research organization, with registered charitable status. Our focus is social research, particularly in the areas of low income and poverty. ESPC is a source of knowledge and expertise on social issues within our community.

ESPC focus centers on topics related to low-income and poverty. Our work includes undertaking research into the nature and magnitude of social issues in our community; public awareness and understanding of current social issues; being an independent voice in the community; encouraging public participation in the development of social policies, and the implementation of programs.

The strength of our voice and our role in the community is based on the support of people and organizations concerned about social issues. ESPC conducts research and analyzes data, produces reports, provides recommendations, is a depository of information, provides public education, conducts focus groups, does presentations, and works collaboratively with other social agencies.

We are dedicated to encouraging the adoption of equitable social policy, supporting the work of other organizations who are striving to improve the lives of Edmontonians, and educating the public regarding the social issues that impact them daily

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Our casino is just a few weeks away and we are still looking to fill 3 spots for our casino!

Holding a casino is a significant fundraiser with the proceeds going towards the most important expenses of our organization.

Sign up here to volunteer: https://t.co/ylFEhlWMMg https://t.co/rpetIWGVhW
Want to learn more about Canadian Multiculturalism Day?

Check out this volunteer blog post from yesterday: https://t.co/IkD3nkr3DR

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Are you a current volunteer with Edmonton Social Planning Council? Or have you thought about being a volunteer and would like to learn more about what we do?

Register here: https://t.co/FENonHROjT

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Today is Canadian Multiculturalism Day! 🍁

On June 27th we celebrate cultural diversity and continue to help build a more inclusive Canada.

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Check out this great resource by Sisters Dialogue and EFCL

Learn more about SafeWalk: https://t.co/EiHyXUYC5p

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"providing low-income students with financial aid not just in ‘high-demand’ areas ... will allow students to reach their full potential and fulfill their own aspirations that may also contribute to the innovation and creativity within the province."

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Living Wage Alberta Employer

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Check out our Social Well-Being Tracker

We are currently tracking 75 social well-being indicators for Edmonton and the region.

A. Demographics | BA: Income and Income Gaps | BB. Poverty | BC. Cost of Living | BD. Government Transfers | C. Employment and Labour | D. Education and Literacy | E. Built Environment | F. Social Inclusion | G. Health and Health Services

2021 Annual Report

Vital Topics: A Look at the History of Racism Towards Indigenous & People of Colour in Edmonton

2021 Living Wage Report

Shift Lab's Guide to Bystander Intervention

Feature Report — Confronting Racism with Data: Why Canada Needs Disaggregated Race-Based Data

Community Engagement

We’re pleased to open up our Lunch and Learn series to other non-profits as a way of introducing agencies and their incredible programs and services to other community members.

For those interested in participating, we would love to host you at a future event. Please direct any inquiries to our Administrative Assistant. To stay informed about future Lunch and Learns and ESPC news and announcements, subscribe to our email newsletter.

The videos below are the latest from our Lunch and Learn series. Click on the image to view or visit our YouTube channel for more videos (click here)

COVID-19 and the Islamic Community in Edmonton

Managing Mental Health for Frontline Staff

COVID-19 and the Islamic Community in Edmonton

Low Literacy - A Foundational Issue in our Society

COVID-19 and the Islamic Community in Edmonton

COVID-19 and the Islamic Community in Edmonton

Advocating for Inclusive Youth Services, Understanding YEG Youth Access Guidelines

Advocating for Inclusive Youth Services, Understanding YEG Youth Access Guidelines

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