Title:Alberta hate/bias crime report
Author(s):Pruegger, Valerie
Corporate Author: Alberta Hate Crimes Committee
Subject:Racism|split|Crime – general
Publisher:Alberta Hate Crimes Committee
Place of Publication:Calgary
Date of Publication:2009

This report explores the incidence of hate crime in communities across Alberta as well as some of the definitional and data collection issues that impact our ability to understand the scope and nature of hate and bias crime and activity in our province. An overview of hate crime legislation is provided as well as the impact of hate crime on communities and the experiences of victims and communities targeted by hate crimes. It is clear from an examination of successful prosecutions, and a closer look at the groups targeted by perpetrators of hate, that a more coordinated and integrated approach to hate crimes is required across the province. This will necessitate a partnership between communities, policing agencies and justice officials. This partnership is needed not only to ensure that hate crimes are reported, responded to appropriately, and recorded to establish trend data, but also to ensure that all Albertans, including members of policing and justice agencies, have the education, training and tools they need to recognize and address hate crime and incidents in our communities. Recommendations are made in a number of areas including a proposal to amend the criminal code to make it easier to charge and prosecute hate-motivated perpetrators of crime.

Material Type:Report

G. LAW-CRIME/G.01 GENERAL/2009 hate_crime_report_card.pdf

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