Report by Alberta Disabilities Forum, 2008
Reviewed by Jaylene Ellard in February 2009 Research Update

“We have taken over the care of our 40 year old brain-injured son because the agency’s care was not adequate due to insufficiently trained staff and inconsistent care.  We are trying to find our own program and treatment, but are really having to search for resources.”
 – Quote from Caregiver Community Consultation

The Alberta Disabilities Forum along with Alberta Seniors and Community Services compiled a report based on twenty –three consultations with caregivers and persons who use caregivers’ services in fifteen communities across the province.  The report identifies some of the challenges and ideas for solutions in all communities involved.  It is noted that the geographic location is not a determining factor on issues, but slight differences are revealed in comparing smaller centers to larger ones in regards to such matters as public transportation.

A number of themes are addressed with the three key challenges categorized as: “finding and retaining well qualified, professional caregivers; finding suitable respite services; and coping financially”.  Each theme includes a list of comprehensive challenges and solutions identified by community members.  The report is a quick and interesting read infused with abundant ideas for solutions on the various noted challenges; a great beginning to sow the seed for change with anyone involved in the disability community. 

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