Title:Reduced poverty = better health for all
Variant Title:2010 report card on child and family poverty in Canada: 1989 – 2010
Corporate Author: Campaign 2000
Subject:Poverty – child poverty
Publisher:Campaign 2000
Place of Publication:Toronto
Date of Publication:2010

Canada’s economic recovery hinges on federal leadership to pull recession victims out of the poor house and prevent Canadians from plunging into deeper poverty, says Campaign 2000’s new report card on child and family poverty. Reduced Poverty = Better Health for All looks at the nation’s most recent child and family poverty rate compared to 21 years ago, when Parliament unanimously resolved to end child poverty by 2000, and finds that 610,000 children (2008 LICO after-tax) and their families lived in poverty even before the recession hit. The child poverty rate of 9.1 per cent is slightly less than when it was 11.9 per cent in 1989. Lessons from past recessions tell us that poverty will rise before the recovery is complete.

 Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.04 POVERTY/2010 National povertyreportcard2010.pdf

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