Title:Sickness, disability and work: breaking the barriers : Canada : opportunities for collaboration.
Corporate Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Subject:Disabilities – physical, mental – general|split|Health issues – general|split|Employment – general
Publisher:Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Place of Publication:Paris
Date of Publication:2010

Canada, like other OECD nations, is working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its policies for persons affected by sickness and disability. The employment picture for these persons is poor and as in other countries, this is associated with a heightened risk of being in or close to poverty and dependent on disability and other social welfare payments. The fall in labour demand since the start of the current economic downturn is especially concerning for such persons because they were already having difficulty finding work in the earlier part of this decade when the Canadian economy was growing strongly. A review of the Canadian system indicates that many of its employment and other social supports and benefits for persons with disabilities are restrictive and complex, and therefore difficult to access. Policy makers must overcome a number of systemic problems that underpin the outcomes in Canada.

 Material Type:Report


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