Title: The City of Red Deer housing and homelessness assessment report
Author(s): Downie, Raymond
Corporate Author: Broadview Applied Research Group
Subject: Housing – planning, policy|split|Housing – affordable, social housing|split|Housing – studies, surveys|split|Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness|split|Housing – studies, surveys
Publisher: City of Red Deer
Place of Publication: Red Deer, AB
Date of Publication: 2011
Abstract: Recent economic changes and the subsequent impact on the local community, the housing needs and the homeless situation have indicated the need to re-visit previously developed strategies. The focus of this study has been the examination of current and future housing needs and support services, as well as the identification of existing gaps and anticipated programs and services to be developed in response to these gaps. The purpose of the study is to provide the City of Red Deer and the Red Deer District and Community Foundation with up-to-date information of current and future housing needs and to identify current and future gaps between existing programs and services. The resulting information can be used in evaluating and targeting the housing needs of the city’s residents in line with the City of Red Deer’s 10 Year Vision and Framework for Ending Homelessness by 2018 and the 5 Year Implementation Plan for housing and homelessness strategies. Specifically the study was designed to examine housing demand and supply in Red Deer and support services that are available. Gaps, trends, anticipated housing needs and support for various sub-populations were also examined. Emerging from this examination will be a set of policy recommendations for addressing current and future anticipated housing and homelessness needs in the city. Data collection was guided by the key areas identified for investigation – that is housing demand and supply, support services, gaps, trends and anticipated need, and policy recommendations. Data sources included relevant federal, provincial and city documents and reports as well as representatives of organizations that provide services and supports to the homeless in Red Deer. The final section of the report presents policy recommendations for addressing current and future anticipated housing and homelessness issues in Red Deer. In total, 12 recommendations were provided, and are intended as points for discussion with policy makers, government officials and program and service providers.
Language: English
Material Type: Report

D. HOUSING/2011 City-of-Red-Deer-Housing-and-Homelessness-Assessment.pdf

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