Title:Barrier-free health and medical services in Alberta: understanding the needs of Albertans with disabilities.
Corporate Author: Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
Subject:Disabilities – physical, mental – programs, services|split|Health issues – health in Alberta|split|Health issues – programs, services
Publisher:Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2011

ACCD’s Barrier-Free Health and Medical Services in Alberta project was an initiative to identify the barriers to health and medical services perceived and experienced by Albertans with disabilities when accessing preventative and ongoing health services. This project consisted of a systematic review of existing literature, and a multi-phase needs assessment of two groups: Albertans with disabilities when accessing health and medical services in Alberta; and health care professionals when providing services to people with disabilities.
The results of the ACCD Barrier-Free Health and Medical Services in Alberta project cannot be summed up in a single overarching recommendation for creating barrier-free health and medical services. The literature review, the community consultations, and the questionnaires filled out by people with disabilities and health professionals portrayed a picture of complexity – a health services delivery system that depends on budgets, human resources, and the needs of the population it serves. The challenge is how to establish a proficient health care system and meet the funding requirements that will follow.
ACCD developed recommendations based on the findings from the needs assessment phase of the project. The recommendations have been categorized under system-wide improvement recommendations and disability-specific recommendations.

Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.02 HEALTH/2011 barrier_free_health.pdf

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