Title:Making Toronto safer: a cost-benefit analysis of transitional housing supports for men leaving incarceration.
Author(s):Stapleton, John|split|Pooran, Brendon|split|Doucet, René
Corporate Author: Open Policy
Chronicle Analytics
Subject:Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness|split|Housing – planning, policy|split|Crime – general
Publisher:John Howard Society of Toronto
Toronto Community Foundation
Place of Publication:Toronto
Date of Publication:2011

In early 2010, the John Howard Society of Toronto commissioned a cost benefit study and analysis of Transitional Housing and supports (THS) for two types of ex-prisoners moving to the community from incarceration. The first group is comprised of homeless ex-prisoners (individuals often charged with petty theft, drug possession, public disturbances and who have no fixed address upon their release from custody. They have partially served their sentence in jail and will serve the remainder of it in the community, under supervision). The latter group is comprised of s810 sexual offenders (Section 810 peace bonds are court orders that enable the police to protect the public by requiring an individual who poses a threat to society to abide by specific conditions for up to one year and can be renewed). This proposition was to calculate the cost savings (if any) associated with the intervention of transitional housing and supports as opposed to their absence.

Material Type:Report

G. LAW-CRIME/G.01 GENERAL/2011 making_toronto_safer.pdf

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