Title:A place to call home: Edmonton’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness: Update year 2
Corporate Author: Edmonton Homeless Commission
Subject: Housing – affordable, social housing; Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness
Place of Publication: Edmonton
Date of Publication: 2011

Two years into the implementation of our 10 Year Plan, we are achieving considerable success All of the targets that we set for Year 2 are being met or exceeded:

956 permanent homes have been secured for 1,352 people who had been homeless.

83% of people who have been housed have kept their housing.

The October 2010 Homeless Count found 2,421 homeless Edmontonians, 21% fewer than counted two years earlier.

This is the first reduction in the number of homeless since the counts began in 1999.

In the past two years, the number of Edmontonians staying in homeless shelters has dropped by 23% from an average of 1,244 per night in October 2008 to 939 per night in October 2010.

Housing First clients live in 400 different buildings run by 160 different landlords.

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Material Type:Report

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