Canadian Homeless Research Network

The Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) is dedicated to helping end homelessness by improving the impact of homelessness research on policy and practice.  Working in collaboration with a range of key stakeholders and institutions (in the non-profit sector and in government), this group is committed to enhancing the impact of research on the homelessness crisis. That is, our focus is on establishing effective mechanisms for knowledge exchange and mobilization in the area of homelessness research in Canada.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)   

The CMHC is a leader in housing, and is dedicated to providing research and analysis to inform the decisions of policymakers. CMHC has resources specifically for researchers, including a publication library and database providing current data related to housing in Canada and the provinces. Information can be accessed by region or nationally.  Includes regular reports on the rental market and the general housing market (e.g. building starts, completions, etc.), as well as information on CMHC financing assistance, affordable housing, and Aboriginal programs. Good site for statistics and general information.

Capital Region Housing Corporation   

The Capital Region Housing Corporation is a non-profit owner, developer and manager of affordable housing in the Alberta Capital Region.

Cornerstones: Edmonton's Plan for Affordable Housing, 2006-2011

Cornerstones is the City of Edmonton's five-year plan to help increase affordable housing and ensure adequate and decent housing for Edmontonians.

Edmonton Inner City Housing Society   

The Edmonton Inner City Housing Society (EICHS) provides housing and supportive property management for low income people in the inner city.  Site contains newsletters and links to related sites.

The Homeless Hub

The Homeless Hub is a joint initiative of York University and the Government of Canada's Homelessness Partnering Secretariat. This mission of this initiative is to be an internet clearinghouse of homelessness research in Canada. In addition to the searchable digital library, which contains thousands of documents and resources, The Homeless Hub is designed to make research and the issue of homelessness accessible to a broad range of audiences through the use of plain language summaries, and stories from individuals that give personal perspectives on the issue. 

The Homelessness Partnering Strategy

The initiative is designed to help ensure community access to programs, services and supports to address homelessness in communities across Canada. Site contains links to community projects underway across Canada. Great site to obtain ideas for projects and intervention plans.

Homeward Trust Edmonton

Homeward Trust works to address the ongoing lack of affordable housing sufficient to meet the needs of the city of Edmonton's lower-income and special needs citizens.  This site contains housing related links, reports, and news.

Laws for Tenants in Alberta

This website, which is run by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta, contains legal information for Alberta tenants. It includes publications, news, and links, as well as fact sheets and frequently asked quesitons on a wide variety of issues, including tenant rights and responsibilities, and landlord rights and responsibilities.    

Local Housing Initiatives Across Canada

This interactive e-map, produced by the Wellesley Institute, tracks housing and homelessness initiatives across the country. It contains information about dozens of housing initiatives in every province and territory, and is being used to build momentum for a national housing and homelessness strategy. 

Raising the Roof   

Raising the Roof is Canada's only national charity dedicated to long-term solutions to homelessness by raising awareness, working with community groups, and developing prevention strategies. Offers fact sheets on issues relating to homelessness, including health, employment, housing, and child welfare. Also offers information on the hidden homeless, a library, and advice on how you can help locally.

The State of Homelessness in Canada 2013

Published by the Canadian Homelessness Research Network in 2013, "this report examines what we know about homelessness, the historical, social and economic context in which it has emerged, demographic features of the problem, and potential solutions. The State of Homelessness provides a starting point to inform the development of a consistent, evidence-based approach towards ending homelessness." (Taken from report) 

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