Alberta Council on Aging

Alberta Council on Aging (ACA) is a non-profit registered charitable organization that is committed to maintain or improve the quality of life for seniors and encourage their full participation in all aspects of society.

Alberta Seniors, Seniors Supports Division

The Seniors Supports Division is responsible for planning and delivering financial support programs for seniors including: The Alberta Seniors Benefit program, which provides monthly cash benefits to lower-income seniors; the Special Needs Assistance for Seniors program, which provides cash payments to eligible lower-income seniors who experience financial difficulties or unexpected expenses they cannot afford; and the Dental Assistance, Optical Assistance, and Education Property Tax Assistance programs for seniors.  It also monitors seniors’ financial situations to ensure that programs are addressing the needs of those most in need of assistance.

Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council

The vision of ESCC is to take a leadership role in facilitating shared planning and coordination of senior-serving agencies in Edmonton working together to enhance social and recreational programs and the services they offer seniors.

Mesothelioma on the Canadian Cancer Society Website and on (General and Canadian-focused information)

These two Canadian-focused websites provide information on mesothelioma, a cancerous or malignant tumour that starts in cells of the mesothelium. Malignant means that it can spread, or metastasize, to other parts of the body. Mesothelioma, caused by asbestos exposure, has a latency of period of 20 to 50 years, meaning it tends to affect seniors.

National Seniors Council 

The National Seniors Council has been established to advise the federal government on all matters related to the health, well-being and quality of life of seniors.

Public Health Agency of Canada, Division of Aging and Seniors

The Division of Aging and Seniors provides federal leadership on health issues related to aging and seniors. It serves as a focal point for information and centre of expertise in this area.

Public Interest Alberta: Seniors Campaign

Public Interest Alberta (PIA) is a province-wide organization focused on education and advocacy on public interest issues. One of PIAs areas of focus is Seniors Care, in particular long-term care and homecare. The site contains information on the campaign, details on its five recommendations to improve the lives of Alberta’s seniors, and related editorials.

Seniors’ Abuse Help Line  (780-454-8888)

The Senior’s Abuse Help Line is a support line for seniors that is sponsored by the Edmonton Elder Abuse Intervention Team, City of Edmonton – Community Services, and Catholic Social Services.

Seniors Advisory Council of Alberta  

The Seniors Advisory Council for Alberta is responsible for advising and making recommendations to the province on matters relating to Alberta’s seniors. It is a government appointed body that reports through the Minister of Seniors and Community Supports.

Seniors’ Association of Greater Edmonton

SAGE, a multi-service senior centre established in 1970, offers a wide range of services for older adults and their families. The SAGE online library includes housing and services directories for seniors.

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Susan Morrissey

Susan Morrissey

Executive Director

Jenn Rossiter

Jenn Rossiter

Research Services and Capacity Building Coordinator

Rowan El-Bialy

Rowan El-Bialy

Strategic Research Coordinator

Sydney Sheloff

Sydney Sheloff

Research Officer

Brett Lambert

Brett Lambert

Community Engagement Coordinator

Justine Basilan

Justine Basilan

Executive Assistant

Social Well-Being Tracker


Our social well-being indicators are based on social determinants of health. These indicators are the economic and social conditions that shape the health of individuals and communities.

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