Title:Vision 2020: the future of health care in Alberta : phase one.
Corporate Author: Alberta Health and Wellness
Subject:Health issues – health in Alberta|split|Health issues – planning, policyPublisher:Government of Alberta
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2008

VISION 2020 identifies a path forward for Alberta’s health system, describing how health care will be delivered in a strong, sustainable way by the year 2020. It builds on, and goes beyond, the studies and work done to date to improve access and quality – from the Mazankowski report in 2001, to a recent review of health service delivery. VISION 2020 provides direction on how to improve the delivery of services across the whole health system including public health, acute and continuing care, delivery of pharmaceuticals, ambulance services, health system governance and accountability.
Vision 2020 sets the course for a health system that is first and foremost geared toward the needs of the patient, or in other words, is patient-focused. It recognizes we all have a role to play when it comes to our health. This includes accepting more responsibility as individual Albertans for maintaining our own good health through actions like proper diet and exercise, or by stopping smoking. It also includes recognition that individuals have a responsibility to ensure they access the health-care system in an appropriate way.
Vision 2020 is not about the private delivery of health services. It is about a stronger, more efficient and sustainable publicly-funded health system.

Material Type:Report

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