Title:Nonprofits and policy advocacy: learning from success.
Author(s):Krekoski, Erin
Subject:Social issues – advocacy
Publisher:Edmonton Social Planning Council
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2009

This document is a review of successful non-profit policy advocacy practices. Using case studies and examples from Alberta, Canada, and internationally, this guide outlines how and why non-profits should participate in policy advocacy, and breaks down some of the key features of successful policy advocacy efforts. These include developing a policy advocacy strategy, connecting advocacy with social movements, taking part in coalitions and partnerships, understanding the policy-making process, using thoughtful messaging, and providing valuable information. Appendices include further resources on advocacy and examples of coalitions currently working on social issue advocacy in Alberta and Canada

Material Type:Report

ESPC Documents/PUBLICATIONS/A.06.D OTHER HISTORICAL/2009_advocacy.pdf

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