The Edmonton Social Planning Council’s Research Review contains summaries of the latest social research publications. We keep up on your reading so you don’t have to.

Inside this issue:

“Apples to Apples: A Comparative Demographic Analysis of Homeless and Housed Youth in Canada” reviewed by Ahmed Yali

“Community Voices: Insights on Social and Human services from People with Lived Experiences of Homelessness” reviewed by Natty Klimo

“Equal Worth: Designing Effective Pay Equity Laws For Alberta” reviewed by Jacqueline Pelechytik

“Homelessness among older people: Assessing strategies and frameworks across Canada” reviewed by Hanna Nash

“Shameful Neglect: Indigenous Child Poverty in Canada” reviewed by Manuel Escoto

ESPC Documents/RESEARCH UPDATES AND REVIEWS/ResearchUpdate_July2016.pdf

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