Meetings between people and coyotes are common in Edmonton and many other cities. Coyotes are good at adapting to life among people and exploiting the resources they provide. Over time, these interactions determine whether the next person a coyote meets is likely to experience conflict. Learn how you can feel safe around coyotes while supporting their coexistence and share stories of your own in this lunchtime presentation and conversation.

Join ESPC and Colleen Cassady St. Claire from the University of Alberta’s Biological Sciences department and Supervisor and Principal Investigator of the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project and have a chat about coyotes in Edmonton. Do we live in conflict with them or coexistence? What are you experiences with coyotes?

See you at noon on April 20 at the Stanley Milner Library in Enterprise Square (10212 Jasper Ave). RSVP via Facebook or Eventbrite to add this event to your calendar!

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