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June 3, 2021


The Family Centre is an organization that works to support families and children to help them flourish, and to help people engage with one another in order to promote healthy, safe, and economically viable communities. This fACT Sheet provides an overview of two particular services offered: Education Services and Centralized Interpreter Services.

A Bit of Background

With a history dating back to the 1960s, Education Services has provided numerous workshops and served thousands of clients globally. They offer a variety of workshops for parents, couples, individuals, and organizations. The workshops are designed to give practical tools for clients in the community to learn positive and healthy ways to raise children, maintain relationships, and go through change. There are supports available to help clients resolve challenges more effectively or to learn new skills to better steer through life’s transitions.

Centralized Interpreter Services began in 1989 with a mission to bridge the communication gap between individuals worldwide. They offer qualified and certified professionals who provide services focused on quality, efficiency, and personalized solutions. With over 30 years of industry experience, the program provides interpretation, translation, and transcription services to both individuals and organizations in over 80 languages and dialects.

Education Services Workshops

Education services offers over 20 workshops for individuals and over 50 workshops for organizations. Clients have the option to attend these courses virtually or in-person. They offer full courses and mini sessions throughout the year for anyone over the age of 18. Depending on the course, group sessions and private sessions are also available. Some of the many workshops offered are shared here.

Parenting Workshops focus on positive and healthy ways to raise children and offer a number of parenting courses suitable for families of all kinds. Parenting workshops include:

* Toddlers and Preschoolers
* Positive Parenting Strategies
* Parenting Communication Skills
* Parenting Through Divorce & Separation

Couple Workshops offer a number of couple and marriage classes to help clients build and maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Couple workshops include:

* Couple Communication
* Remarriage Preparation (private session only)
* Marriage Preparation

Anger Management Workshops provide hands-on ways for participants to deal with their anger so they can have positive relationship and strategies to handle conflict in a healthy way. Anger management workshops include:

* Men & Anger
* Women & Anger
* Understanding Anger (private session only)

Self-Improvement Workshops help participants to develop self-esteem and confidence, practice progression, cope with anxiety and depression, and work toward a better future. Self-Improvement workshops include:

* Self-Esteem and Assertiveness
* Overcoming Anxiety
* Journey to Self-Discovery
* Living with Depression

Corporate and Community Workshops provide participants with the tools for building healthy workplace relationships, effective management practices, and high employee engagement. Additionally, The Family Centre can provide targeted learning for both staff and clientele. Corporate and community workshops include, but are not limited to:

* Positive Leadership Practices
* Mental Health Awareness & Support
* Respectful & Inclusionary Workplaces
* Nutrition Workshops
* Communication

Centralized Interpreter Services

The Family Centre’s Centralized Interpreter Services provides interpretation, translation, and transcription services to both individuals and organizations. There are over 80 different languages and dialects for clients to choose from, including American Sign Language (ASL), Mandarin, Somali, Punjabi, and Arabic. Services are available in-person, over the phone, or by video call. Staff can interpret in any public setting, including banking and appointments with a doctor or lawyer. Examples of supports offered include:

Translation Services for Individuals
* Driver’s Licence/ Identification
* Police Check
* Birth Certificate
* Marriage/ Education Certificate

Translation Services for Organizations
* Manuals
* Pamphlets/ Brochures/ Banners
* Consent/ Agreement Forms
* Website Content

Interpretation Services for Individuals
* In-Person
* Phone/ Video Interpretation

Interpretation Services for Organizations
* In-Person
* Message Relay
* Phone/ Video Interpretation

Community Impact

Education Services has helped hundreds of individuals and families over the years to create a better life. Clients who attended their workshops have learned new skills to better raise children, maintain relationships, and manage through life’s transitions. Centralized Interpreter Services has continued to allow individuals to have safe and equal access to information and essential services by removing language barriers.

All profits generated go toward supporting mental health and community-based programming for children, youth, adults, families, and seniors in need through free, low-cost, or subsidized access to services.


Website: www.familycentre.org
#20–9912 106 Street NW
Edmonton, AB | T5K 1C5

Education Services
Email: education.service@familycentre.org
Phone: 780-497-7536

Centralized Interpreter Services
Email: cis@familycentre.org
Phone: 780-448-2627

Special thanks to The Family Centre for providing content included in this fACT Sheet.

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