Become a Member

Mar 1, 2020 | ESPC Announcements

The Council regularly solicits feedback from its members and uses these insights to guide and strengthen the organization. We encourage you to consider joining. The more our collective voice reflects the diversity of our city, the more we can ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

By becoming a member, you:

  • Support our efforts to remain on the forefront in dealing with social issues
  • Are free to borrow books and other publications from our resource library
  • Make it possible for us to distribute our materials freely and widely to all
  • Receive our newsletters, fact sheets and other publications on a regular basis via email or regular mail
  • Can vote at ESPC annual meetings and have a say in the direction of the organization
  • Become eligible to serve on the board of directors

Visit the membership page for more information. Click here.

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