fACTivist Newsletter

The fACTivist Is ESPC’s Quarterly Newsletter.

The fACTivist is the ESPC’s quarterly newsletter. It offers articles on a variety of pertinent social issues, as well as providing updates on Council activities and projects, and profiles of ESPC staff and board members.

The newsletter archives also include information on First Reading, the social issues magazine published by the ESPC between 1990 and 1998.

the fACTivist Summer 2016

Welcome to Summer! This issue of the fACTivist addreses Edmonton Across the Ages, from babies to boomers and beyond. Inside this issue: YRAP Mentorship: By Youth, For Youth An Interview with Edmonton’s Next Gen The Way We Live: A Profile of Edmonton’s People Plan The...

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the fACTivist Summer 2014: Inside Infill

Explore the ins and outs of Edmonton’s infill action plan, discover 10 ways to create community, read about the newly renovated Edmonton Federal Building, Anne Stevenson and the upcoming Vital Signs Edmonton report in the Summer 2014 edition of the fACTivist. ESPC...

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the fACTivist Winter 2014: Growing Pains

This edition of the fACTivist discusses children and youth who live in poverty, and the effect government policy has on their well-being. Articles in this edition include: Foreword: From Band-aids to Breakthroughs The Current State of Child Poverty in Canada:...

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