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pdf The fACTIVIST Fall 2019

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Download (pdf, 8.31 MB)

2019 Fall fACTIVIST Final.pdf

The fACTIVIST Fall 2019
  • Executive Director Update
  • Strengthening Heritage Language Learning Among Children in Newcomer Families
  • Social Isolation of Indigenous Seniors
  • A Profile of Poverty in Edmonton (Updated May 2019)
  • Living Wage Edmonton 2019
  • fACT Sheet
  • Vital Topic - Greenspaces
  • Vital Topic - Arts in Edmonton
  • ESPC News
  • New Board Member Biographies
  • About the ESPC/Membership

pdf The fACTivist January 2019

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The fACTivist January 2019
  • Executive Director Update
  • What is Food Insecurity
  • Community Economic Development in Edmonton
  • Examining Portable Housing Benefits for Low Income Families Securing Appropriate Housing 
  • Effective Interventions for Isolated Indigenous Seniors: Enhancing Edmonton Knowledge Base
  • 2019 Edmonton Poverty Profile
  • Public Engagement and Affordable Housing
  • Vital Signs/Vital Topics
  • MacEwan Experiential Learning Partnership Ride
  • Transit Report
  • Bill 26 – Increase in Social Benefit Rates
  • Vital Topic - Senior Women in Edmonton
  • About the Edmonton Social Planning Council
  • Apply to Become a Board Member

pdf fACTivist Summer 2018

Download (pdf, 3.99 MB)


In this issue:

Feature Article: Grocery Run
Cost of Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Canada
Indigenous Culture & Wellness Centre

ESPC Research Updates
  • 2018 Living Wage
  • Tracking the Trends 2018 Summary
  • Isolation of Indigenous Seniors Research Project
  • Vital Signs/Vital Topics
Announcements and Upcoming Events
  • Lunch and Learns
  • 2018 Annual General Meeting Summary
Board Members: Meet Our Newest Board Members

  • Summer Students
  • ESPC Endowment Fund

pdf the fACTivist - Winter 2018

Download (pdf, 4.30 MB)


Investing in Canadians: Thoughts on the National Housing Strategy

ESPC Updates

  • Alberta Child Poverty Report
  • Tracking the Trends 2018
  • Research Update November 2017

Upcoming Events

  • ESPC Moving
  • Vital Topics
  • New Staff
  • United Way Campaign
  • Award of Merit Nominations

Board Member Biography: Doug Meggison

pdf the fACTivist - Fall 2017

Download (pdf, 7.66 MB)


Fall 2017 - In this issue:
Access to Justice: The Great Gap in Canada’s Justice System
ESPC Updates

  • Living Wage Update
  • Age Friendly Edmonton
  • Child Benefit Enhancements Making a Difference For Low Income Families Report
  • Research Updates
  • Municipal Election Candidate Survey
  • Alberta Child Poverty Report
  • Tracking the Trends

Board Member Biography - Calypse Agborsangaya
Upcoming Events

pdf the fACTivist - Spring 2017

Download (pdf, 2.09 MB)


Spring 2017's fACTivist is all about precarious work! Download it today.

pdf the fACTivist Winter 2017

Download (pdf, 1.04 MB)


the fACTivist Winter 2017

Available now, our 2017 Winter fACTivist! This issue is all about women, featuring articles by ESPC staff and volunteers.

Inside this Issue
Executive Director’s Note
Social Exclusion: One Cause of Missing Persons
Edmonton Still Ranks Low in Women’s Equality
A Timeline of Suffrage
and more!

pdf the fACTivist Fall 2016

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Download (pdf, 1.58 MB)


the fACTivist Fall 2016

Happy autumn! Ready to learn about compassion? This edition of the fACTivist is for you!

Inside this issue:
We All Win, When We All Win
Compassion through Refuge
Self-Compassion (Reprinted with permission from (http://nonprofitwithballs.com/)
Why Do People Give?
and more!

(Bibliography, refereneces, and credits available upon request)

pdf the fACTivist Summer 2016

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Download (pdf, 5.63 MB)


the fACTivist Summer 2016

Welcome to Summer! This issue of the fACTivist addreses Edmonton Across the Ages, from babies to boomers and beyond.

Inside this issue:
YRAP Mentorship: By Youth, For Youth
An Interview with Edmonton’s Next Gen
The Way We Live: A Profile of Edmonton’s People Plan
The City of Edmonton Youth Council: Shaping Municipal Policy
and more!

pdf the fACTivist Spring 2015: Affordable Housing

Download (pdf, 9.12 MB)


Inside this edition: Michael Shapcott's Right to Housing Conference remarks, expiring federal housing agreements, Jay Freeman's Top Ten List on affordable housing, nine Edmontonians talk about affordable housing and an introduction to new board member David Trautman.

pdf the fACTivist Winter 2015: Gay/Straight Alliances

Download (pdf, 6.66 MB)


Inside this edition: gender politics and the gay/straight alliances, an anniversary screening of Anne Wheeler's Bye Bye Blues, using surplus school sites for affordable housing, homelessness and mental illness, tracing ESPC's 75 years, profiling poverty in Edmonton and an introduction to new board member Erin LaRocque.

pdf the fACTivist Summer 2014: Inside Infill

Download (pdf, 2.90 MB)


Explore the ins and outs of Edmonton’s infill action plan, discover 10 ways to create community, read about the newly renovated Edmonton Federal Building, Anne Stevenson and the upcoming Vital Signs Edmonton report in the Summer 2014 edition of the fACTivist.

pdf the fACTivist Spring 2014: New Adventures

Download (pdf, 6.34 MB)


Inside this issue:
News Shorts
AGM news
Kate Quinn honored
Low income bus passes proposed
and more!

pdf the fACTivist Winter 2014: Growing Pains

Download (pdf, 7.46 MB)


This edition of the fACTivist discusses children and youth who live in poverty, and the effect government policy has on their well-being.

Articles in this edition include:

Foreword: From Band-aids to Breakthroughs
The Current State of Child Poverty in Canada: Statistics and Responses
Investing in Tomorrow: Alberta's Plan to Abolish Child Poverty
The Politics of Poverty Reduction in Alberta
Sheltering Homeless Youth
Aboriginal Children and Poverty in Canada

pdf the fACTivist Fall 2013: Warming Up Winter

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Download (pdf, 5.87 MB)


This edition of the fACTivist discusses the impact winter weather has on persons with low income. Topics covered include public transit, shelter availability, and access to food.

pdf the fACTivist Summer 2013: Engage! Municipal Politics

Download (pdf, 5.95 MB)


This issue of The fACTivist focuses on municipal politics and civic engagement, just in time for Edmonton's municipal election in October 2013.

pdf the fACTivist Spring 2013: The Cost of Education

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Download (pdf, 5.80 MB)


The Spring 2013 fACTivist discusses the state of education in Alberta in light of recent budget cuts by the provincial government.

pdf the fACTivist Winter 2013: At-Risk Youth

Download (pdf, 9.57 MB)


This edition explores issues surrounding at-risk youth in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.

pdf the fACTivist Fall 2012: Race and Racism in Alberta

Download (pdf, 7.28 MB)


This edition of the fACTivist examines the issue of race and racism in Alberta and Edmonton. Contributors offered some theoretical and practical issues surrounding these topics. Local resources such as the Centre for Race and Culture and the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights were also featured.

pdf the fACTivist Summer 2012: Fair Taxation and the Role of Government

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Download (pdf, 5.33 MB)


This edition of the fACTivist looks at issues of taxation, budget cuts, and how these measures affect government action and the delivery of social programs. As a corollary, we consider the role of government amidst a climate of fiscal austerity.

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