The Edmonton Social Planning Council conducts social research on low income and poverty issues in our community. ESPC provides knowledge and expertise on these issues, raises public awareness and understanding, advocates for social policies and programs, and fosters public participation..

We publish a quarterly newsletter, the Community Matters, fACT Sheets on current issues and events, our Community Connected articles, blog posts, our annual living wage report and projects like Vital Signs developed with partners  like the Edmonton Community Foundation.

The Council is also continually involved in short- and long-term projects, and we typically prepare reports summarizing project findings.

As part of our public education and engagement activities, the ESPC organizes a Lunch and Learn Series, which are advertised on our website and social media. Most events are recorded and available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Reports published by the ESPC provide background information and analysis on various social issues.

Social Well-Being Indicators
This tracker is an adaptation of our bi-annual Tracking the Trends publication. Adapting Tracking the Trends into an online format allows us to update data as it is released, solidifying it as a source of timely and accurate information focused on our community. This data can assist you to learn about social issues, write reports, design programs, and inform your decision-making.

Community Matters Newsletter
Community Matters is the ESPC’s quarterly newsletter. It offers articles on a variety of pertinent social issues and provides updates on council activities and projects.

The newsletter archives also include information on First Reading, the social issues magazine published by the ESPC between 1990 and 1998.

fACT Sheets
fACT Sheets published by the ESPC provide background information and analysis on a variety of social issues.

Our website has over 1200 documents produced by the ESPC over it’s 85 plus year history.


The Edmonton Social Planning Council provides research services to social advocacy organizations in Edmonton! Are you seeking publications or statistics in social policy areas such as:

Housing, Transportation, Health, Education, Food Security, Income Security Programs, Urban Issues, Social Services, Women, Disabilities, Poverty, Immigration, Families, Children and Child Care, Seniors, Indigenous Peoples, Labour Force, Crime and Safety … and more!

If you or your organization needs help finding information about local social issues or related topics, contact us by email at

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