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Our social well-being indicators are based on social determinants of health. These indicators are the economic and social conditions that shape the health of individuals and communities. Social determinants of health also determine the extent to which a person possesses the physical, social, and personal resources to identify and achieve personal aspirations, satisfy needs, and cope with the environment. Social determinants of health are about the quantity and quality of a variety of resources that society makes available to its members. Important considerations include both the quality and their distribution amongst the population. 1


BB7Poverty Gap for Low-income Lone-Parent Families, by Family Size,Edmonton CMA

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Poverty is a complex issue. It is the result of multiple social systems failing to protect individuals and families from material deprivation. Some of the consequences of poverty include poor nutrition and physical health, social isolation, and limited financial stability.

For many, poverty is the inability to maintain a standard of daily living that will ensure an individual or family’s overall health and well-being. The effects of poverty, however, are not limited to those who are poor—poverty and social inequality decrease the overall health of a society. When a segment of the population faces barriers to economic opportunity, access to health care, and education (among other factors associated with the social determinates of health), a community cannot reach its full potential.

  • The poverty gap for lone-parent families is significant.
  • Lone-parent families experience a large gap between the low-income thresholds and their actual after-tax incomes. In 2019, lone-parent families with one child had an after-tax income $12,665 below the low-income threshold for a family of two, and lone-parent families with two children had a median after-tax income $14,532 below the threshold for a family of three.

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