Title:Food security for Edmonton: is it really something we should care about?
Author(s):Lipton, Becky
Subject:Food security – general
Publisher:Becky Lipton Research & Consulting
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2010

Could we ever achieve complete food security – where every Edmontonian has enough healthy and safe food to eat, which we can supply in a sustainable manner, no matter what? This paper explores what achieving food security would mean, what factors would influence our ability, and our decisions to do so, what is really at stake, and what the ultimate benefits would be. The paper delves into some of the big picture factors like peak oil, climate change, food miles, and other international influences we have limited to no control over. It also looks at what makes Edmonton unique when it comes to food security. Things like how much food we export, the price of food, hunger in the city, our high quality soils, our micro-climates and our farmers all influence whether and how we should be thinking about food security. Finally a strategy is presented which builds on our strengths and proactively moves us towards a healthy, resilient and sustainable future.

Series:The Edmonton Sustainability Papers – Discussion Paper 7
 Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.15 HUNGER/2010 food_security_edmonton.pdf

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