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Susan Morrissey, Executive Director

Ph: 780.423.2031Ext. 353

Susan has been Executive Director of the  Edmonton Social Planning Council for over 15 years, contributing to the organization’s mission of improving social conditions and addressing issues of poverty and inequality in the community. Her expertise and experience have been instrumental in guiding the council’s policy recommendations and advocacy efforts.

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Sydney Sheloff, Strategic Research Coordinator

Ph: 780.423.2031Ext. 356

Sydney Sheloff recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master of Arts degree in Sociology. Her research focused on youth inequality and homelessness. Her master’s thesis explored what it meant for homeless youth to pursue a successful future in a social, economic, and political landscape that marginalized them and limited their opportunities. In addition, she studied the criminal justice system and the criminalization of impoverished and racialized people. She also studied the unique experiences of Indigenous people in Canada. Sydney is dedicated to investigating social issues through the eyes of those most harshly affected by them. In this position, Sydney is excited to turn her research into action and advocate for social change. In her free time, Sydney enjoys embroidery; baking and trying new recipes; and exploring all the local shops, restaurants, artists, and sites Edmonton has to offer.

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Brett Lambert, Research Officer

Ph: 780.423.2031

Brett Lambert has worked in a number of communications roles at the University of Alberta as well as in non-profit organizations such as Native Counselling Services of Alberta and Public Interest Alberta. Brett has a Diploma in Journalism from Grant MacEwan as well as a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. Brett lives on the south side of Edmonton with his wife, Diana, and two young sons.

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Janell Uden, Research Capacity Building Coordinator

Ph: 780.423.2031Ext. 351

Janell Uden, B.A. (Psychology & Sociology)

Research Capacity Building Coordinator.

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Jillian Ames, Capacity Support Assistant

Ph: 780.423.2031Ext. 350

Jillian Ames, B.A. (Human Geography)

Capacity Support Assistant

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Leticia Ribeiro, Executive Assistant
Leticia Ribeiro, Executive Assistant

Ph: 780.423.2031Ext. 349

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