Blog: Asian Canadians’ safety amidst the pandemic

Starting this past summer, ESPC has released a series of posts focusing on racism in Canada: its history and influence on those working to dismantle systems of oppression. Racism and discrimination are deeply rooted in the structures in which we operate, and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted these systemic inequities. With the rising coverage...

Blog: Responding to Edmonton Seniors’ Needs During a Pandemic

When the first known case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Canada a little over a year ago, not a lot was known about the virus. By the time a global pandemic was declared in March 2020, trends were becoming clearer. The health impact was greatest on those with pre-existing conditions and people over the age of 70. With this in mind, responding to...

Blog: Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Exacerbating Gendered Divisions of Labour?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionally negative effect on Canadian women. At the start of the pandemic, women were more likely to lose jobs, and those who continued to work were more often employed in essential services that put them at a higher risk of coming into contact with the virus. The pandemic is rapidly changing our world,...

Blog: Loneliness and Substance Use During COVID-19

Blog post by Aastha Tripathi, practicum student The rapid emergence of COVID-19 and national efforts to minimize its spread have severely disrupted the lives of Canadians. To contain the spread of COVID-19, the federal government has advised Canadians to stay at home and shelter-in-place since March 2020. In response, many of us have adapted by...

Blog: Special Series — Using Race-Based Data as a Form of Transparency and Accountability

The last in our series of blog posts on anti-racism focuses on race-based data, sometimes disaggregated data. Race-based data is used as an indicator to assess and understand the extent of racism and discriminatory practice. This data can be used to advocate for changes in practice, policies, and to substantiate (or refute) narratives around...

Blog: Special Series — Contemporary Pressure Points: Education Systems

Written by Jenn Rossiter and Sydney Sheloff Racism is prevalent within our current social, political, and economic realities. Its manifestation across and between systems (for example, health care, education, criminal justice, and policing) makes it necessary to highlight specific sectors where it has caused particular harm, or been particularly...

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