Title:Panhandling: a street study.
Corporate Author: Boyle Street Community Services
Subject:Unemployment – general|split|Employment – general|split|Urban issues – studies|split|Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness
Publisher:Boyle Street Community Services
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2010

Boyle Street Community Services was contracted by the REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities to prepare a report on panhandlers and their needs. The survey’s purpose was to provide intelligence about panhandlers, including:

Demographic information

The reasons why they were on the street/or why they were panhandling.

Their principal needs, including basic necessities, housing, employment, addictions, etc.

Interventions which would be most helpful; understanding which services individuals might already use and what might be beneficial to them to increase stability and reduce or prevent panhandling.

Conditions/situations of panhandlers, such as disabilities, etc.

 Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.04 POVERTY/2010 panhandling_edmonton.pdf

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