Title:Providing personalised support to rough sleepers: an evaluation of the City of London pilot.
Author(s):Hough, Juliette|split|Rice, Becky
Subject:Income security programs – general|split|Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness
Publisher:Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Place of Publication:London UK
Date of Publication:2010

This study evaluated a new way of working with long-term rough sleepers. It examined the impact of a pilot project offering personalised budgets to rough sleepers in the City of London, and explored the reasons for the project’s success.
Fifteen people who had been sleeping rough for between 4 and 45 years were offered a personalised budget. By the time of the evaluation, the majority were in accommodation (seven) or making plans to move into accommodation (two). The personalised budget fulfi lled several functions. It helped to establish a trusting relationship with the project coordinator; gave people an incentive to move into and stay in accommodation; and supported people in maintaining tenancies by responding to crisis and planning for a future.
The authors conclude that the personalised support provided to individuals was as important to the success of the project as the provision of personalised budgets. The personalised approach has brought people elements of choice and control not provided by standard offers of support, alongside intensive support from one trusted worker.

 Material Type:Report

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