Title:The way we green: white paper.
Corporate Author: City of Edmonton
Subject:City of Edmonton – general plan|split|Environmental issues – general
Publisher:City of Edmonton
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2010

This White Paper and the feedback it is intended to generate will be used to update the City of Edmonton’s environmental strategic plan – The Way We Green. The two main focuses of The Way We Green will be: (a) environmental sustainability (i.e., understanding the limits of nature and how Edmontonians must live within those limits in order to endure), and (b) resilience (understanding the environmental disturbances that Edmonton may face and the capacity that is needed to withstand them and bounce back intact.) The White Paper discusses the sustainability and resilience challenges facing Edmonton and suggests a strategy for each of the following areas: · Energy & Climate Change · River Water Supply & Quality · Food Security · Air Quality · Biodiversity / Healthy Ecosystems · Waste Management · One Planet Living The White Paper builds on Edmonton’s strong environmental culture and hundreds of environmental initiatives over the past twenty years that have earned Edmonton the reputation as a municipal environmental leader.

Table Of Contents:

Executive Summary 2 Chapter 1: Introduction 15 Chapter 2: Sustainability – Definitions and Principles 21 Chapter 3: Edmonton’s Sustainability/Resilience Challenges 26 Chapter 4: Energy & Climate Change 27 Chapter 5: River Water Supply / River Water Quality 43 Chapter 6: Food Security 50 Chapter 7: Air Quality 55 Chapter 8: Biodiversity / Healthy Ecosystems 61 Chapter 9: Waste Management 67 Chapter 10: One Planet Living 69 Chapter 11: The Way We Green – A Regional Context 70 Chapter 12: Principles of Resilience and their Application 73 Chapter 13: Implementing The Way We Green 78 Chapter 14: Sustainable City Benchmarks 88 Appendix A – Suggested Goals, Objectives, Policies and Progress Measures 91

 Material Type:Report

M. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES/2010 WayWeGreenDiscussionPaper.pdf

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