Title:Alberta immigration progress report 2011
Corporate Author: Government of Alberta
Subject:Immigration – general
Publisher:Government of Alberta
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2011

In October 2005, the Alberta government announced Supporting Immigrants and Immigration to Alberta (SIIA), an immigration policy for the province. The policy outlines a strategic framework for a more co-ordinated approach across ministries to address the needs of Alberta’s immigrant population.
Alberta’s approach to immigration addresses the attraction and retention of immigrants. The GoA recognizes progress in both areas is essential to realize the vision for immigration outlined in SIIA:
In meeting the goals of SIIA, activities are being pursued across four strategic directions: (1) Welcoming communities, (2) Attracting immigrants to Alberta, (3) Living in Alberta, (4) Working in Alberta.
This report highlights key achievements and progress under the four strategic directions from the time of SIIA’s implementation in October 2005 to December 2010. The report also highlights recent achievements and progress on TFW matters.

 Material Type:Report

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