Title:Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence: research in the Calgary aboriginal community.
Author(s):Wells, Lana|split|Goulet, Sharon
Corporate Author: University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work
Mahegun Tails Inc.
Subject:Indigenous peoples – health, welfare|split|Women – sexual assault, violence against women
Publisher:Centre for Criminology and Justice Research
Place of Publication:Calgary
Date of Publication:2011

Statistics show that aboriginal women are at significantly higher risk of spousal violence and spousal homicide than non-aboriginal women (Statistics Canada, 2006). This corresponds to international research which indicates that aboriginal women face significantly higher risk of exposure to violence (VicHealth, 2007).While there are some programs to address domestic violence in Aboriginal communities, there are very few examples of primary prevention initiatives targeted at/with this community, with even fewer having been evaluated (VicHealth, 2007).

Using an Aboriginal community development perspective, this research project explored the following research questions: 1. What exists in the current literature on meanings and definitions, risk and protective factors, and prevention intervention strategies within the area of domestic violence and urban Aboriginal communities? 2. What services currently exist locally (Calgary) for urban Aboriginal peoples experiencing domestic violence? 3. What is the state of readiness within the community of Calgary to address this pressing social issue from a primary prevention perspective? 4. How can domestic violence be defined from an Aboriginal perspective?

Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.12 INDIGENOUS PEOPLE/2011 Shift-aboriginal-project.pdf

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