Title: Who Pays, When, and How? Government-Assisted Housing in the Northwest Territories and the Role of the Federal Government
Author(s): Falvo, Nick
Editor: Stoney, Christopher, & Doern, G. Bruce
Citation: No. 32. [Taken from the book “How Ottawa spends: 2011-2012 : Trimming fat or slicing pork?”]
Subject: Housing – affordable, social housing; Housing – planning, policy|split|Housing – studies, surveys
Publisher: McGill-Queen’s University Press
Place of Publication: Montréal QC, Kingston, ON
Date of Publication: 2011
Abstract: This chapter discusses the state of housing in the Northwest Territories, with a particular focus on public housing for low-income citizens.
Language: English
Series: How Ottawa Spends Series
Material Type: Chapter

D. HOUSING/2011 Who-pays.pdf

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