Title:Feeding Canada’s families: a report on Salvation Army food services.
Corporate Author: The Salvation Army
Subject:Food security – statistics, studies
Publisher:The Salvation Army
Place of Publication:Toronto
Date of Publication:2012

Since 2009, The Salvation Army in Canada has conducted an annual review of its feeding programs and centres, comprised of both food banks, soup kitchens or meal programs. The results of the study help us to better understand the services provided, the current client demand and whether or not donations are meeting that demand. In 2012, The Salvation Army saw donations remain relatively unchanged year-to-year, while client demand continued to increase. In fact, at Salvation Army food banks, 62 percent reported an increase in clients within the last 12 months. The same can be said for soup kitchens, 64 percent of which saw an increase in demand.

Our fourth annual report also reviewed programs designed specifically to accommodate the growing number of children and families that come to The Salvation Army seeking assistance. With almost 70 percent of food banks reporting an increase in the number of families served, it has become a priority for The Salvation Army to offer services to fit the unique needs of families. The report also examines the communal aspect of the meal experience, and the results indicate that the majority of clients eat in a group, conversing and enjoying meals together.

This year’s findings are part of an annual survey of Salvation Army personnel who have direct involvement in food service and outreach. The survey and resulting report, “Feeding Canada’s Families: A Report on Salvation Army Food Services,” reviews food donation rates, current food-stock level, nutritional value of food offered to clients and the future outlook of food services.

For the fourth consecutive year, The Salvation Army is releasing a summary of its findings, including internal data on its food services and programs. Through the survey and reporting process, The Salvation Army hopes to gain a better understanding of the needs across Canada and stress the importance of providing a sense of dignity for all, whether it’s a hot meal served amongst peers on a cold day, or having enough food on the shelves to help a family get through the week. The fight against hunger and poverty deserves our personal attention. [Taken from report]

Material Type:Report

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