Title:Disability policy in Alberta: an initial exploration of transition implications.
Author(s):Clark, Dawne|split|Seel, Keith|split|Clark, Mitchell
Subject:Disabilities – physical, mental – planning, policy
Publisher:Institute for Nonprofit Studies
Place of Publication:Calgary
Date of Publication:2009

This initial exploration of transition implications, emerged out of a policy project funded by the Max Bell Foundation. This policy study examined the range of provincial policy envelopes that impact a person with a developmental disability over the course of their life. Focusing on the major transitions, the study presents how service providing organizations work across policy boundaries, and how they see the effects of those transitions on families and individuals. Disability Policy in Alberta identifies six major themes that describe the experience of negotiating a transition point.

 Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.03 DISABILITIES/2009 disability_policy in AB.pdf

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