Edmonton’s 2016 living wage: $16.69 per hour

Edmonton Social Planning Council releases annual report

By: Alex Boyd Metro Published on Thu Jun 23 2016

Two working adults living in the city with two kids would each have to make $16.69 an hour in order to make ends meet, according to the Edmonton Living Wage Report released Thursday.
The Edmonton Social Planning Council calculates the living wage every year, using cost of living estimates for Edmonton. They also take into account dollars coming in from government transfers and additional costs like EI and CPP premiums.

The living wage for 2016 is actually 67 cents less than last year, because of child benefit increases from both the federal and provincial governments.

“Our hope is that more Edmonton employers will rise to the challenge and commit to paying a living wage to all their employees,” said ESPC Research Coordinator John Kolkman in a release.
“Research indicates that employers paying a living wage benefit from decreased staff turnover, improved productivity and reduced absenteeism.”

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Download our Living wage report.


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