Title: Population Projections for Canada, Provinces, and Territories
Author(s): Bélanger, Alain, |Martel, Laurent, & Caron-Malenfant, Éric Corporate Author: Statistics Canada
Subject: Statistics – Canada
Publisher: Statistics Canada
Place of Publication: Ottawa
Date of Publication: 2005
Abstract: Statistics Canada has published six sets of population projections for Canada, provinces and territories since 1974, with the last report in 2001. The projections issued on a regular basis ensure consistent and comparable method and results at the national and provincial/territorial level. This report contains a range of projections to the year 2031. It also describes the methodology and the assumptions and provides a brief analysis of the results. The projections in this report use the 2005 population estimates for July 1st as their base. They take into account the current demographic trends in all components of population growth. It should be emphasized that these projections are not predictions. Rather, they represent an attempt to establish plausible scenarios based on stated components assumptions, which are subject to varying degrees of uncertainty. As such, they are valuable statistical information for planners, policymakers, and the public at large interested in the future course of demographic change and related issues.
Language: English
Material Type: Report

C. LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT/C01 CANADA/2005 population_projections.pdf

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