Title: The Canadian Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Comparative Perspective
Author(s): Hall, Michael H.|split|Barr, Cathy W.|split|Easwaramoorthy, M.|split|Sokolowski, S. Wojciech|split|Salamon, Lester M.
Subject: Non-profit organizations – general
Publisher: Imagine Canada
Place of Publication: Toronto
Date of Publication: 2010
Abstract: The aim of this project is to close the gaps in basic knowledge about the nonprofit or civil society sector, and to shed light on the reasons for the significant disparities that exist in the size, composition, financing, and role of the sector in various countries and regions. To do this, the project has recruited Local Associates in more than 40 countries and formulated a common set of definitions and methodological approaches designed to yield a systematic body of comparative data. The work in Canada was guided by the conceptual and methodological approaches developed in this project.
Language: English
Material Type: Report

B. NON PROFITS/B.06 PUBLICATIONS/2010 nonprofit_voluntary_comparison.pdf

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