Title: A workforce strategy for Alberta’s non-profit and voluntary sector
Corporate Author: Alberta Human Resources and Employment
Subject: Non-profit organizations – personnel|split|Employment – planning, policy
Publisher: Alberta Human Resources and Employment
Place of Publication: Edmonton
Date of Publication:2006
Abstract: Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce (BETW) is Alberta’s 10-year labour force development strategy. This strategy identifies 17 government-led priority actions to ensure Alberta has more workers, better-trained people and innovative workplaces. These government actions address labour force issues across several industry sectors.
Meeting Alberta’s labour force challenges over the next decade requires the participation and involvement of all stakeholders. Stakeholders include industry, labour groups, professional organizations, volunteer and community agencies, education and training providers, Aboriginal groups and where appropriate, other levels of government. Each stakeholder has an important role to play. Strong collaboration and partnerships between government and various stakeholders are key to the successful implementation of this strategy.
Language :English
Material Type:Report

B. NON PROFITS/B.01 ADMINISTRATION/2006 nonprofit_workforce_strategy.pdf

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