Title: We Can’t Afford to Do Business This Way: A study of the administrative burden resulting from funder accountability and compliance practices
Author: Eakin, Lynn
Subject: Non-profit organizations – funding sources
Publisher: Wellesley Institute
Place of Publication: Toronto
Date of Publication: 2007
Abstract: Community nonprofit organizations had been raising concerns for quite some time about the growing administrative burden and point to such things as more numerous and complex grant application and reporting processes, and additional compliance requirements. We did not, however, have detailed data about the demands funders are placing on the organizations they fund or information on how organizations are managing. Without this information, we could not understand the nature and dimension of the administrative burden on community nonprofit organizations and how this burden affects their ability to deliver services in their communities that are collaborative, innovative, and responsive. The focus of this study was to address this gap in knowledge. We sought to understand how the grant-making process operates in agencies with multiple funders and multiple programs.
Language: English
Material Type: Report

B. NON PROFITS/B.01 ADMINISTRATION/2007 we_cant_afford.pdf

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