We Can’t Afford to do Business This Way: A study of the administrative burden resulting from funder accountability and compliance practices

Report by Lynn Eakin, Wellesley Institute, September 2007.
Reviewed in October 2008 Research Update

Funding is tough – and this report outlines why. While it may not present solutions, this report is an invaluable tool in demonstrating the need for reforming the funding process “to minimize the administrative burden and maximize the flexibility of agencies to adapt, respond and innovate, with a focus on results, not controls” (p. 45). The cost of not acting? The study concludes that if governments, non-profit organizations, and local communities don‘t come together to create new systems, the results will be less value for money, less effective systems, placing nonprofit values and mission at risk, less innovation, and weaker, disconnected, and fractious communities. This report will be useful to anybody whose work involves communication between agencies and funders. It can be downloaded from the Wellesley Institute website.

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