Title:Addressing elder abuse in Alberta: a strategy for collective action.
Corporate Author: Government of Alberta
Subject:Seniors – abuse
Publisher:Government of Alberta
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2010

To address the issue of elder abuse in a meaningful way, collective action is required on the part of all sectors of society, including governments, communities, businesses and individuals. Informed by research and the input of stakeholders, Addressing Elder Abuse in Alberta sets out an approach for this collective action, recognizing the vital roles that all partners share in supporting the safety, security and dignity of Alberta seniors. The Strategy identifies goals and associated outcomes in four key areas: improved awareness; skilled service providers; coordinated community responses; and protective laws and policies.
Addressing Elder Abuse in Alberta builds on the province’s existing and ongoing efforts in preventing family violence and bullying. As part of the implementation of the Government of Alberta’s Strategy for the Prevention of Family Violence and Bullying, the associated Cross-Ministry Action Plan is updated each year, setting out a series of priorities developed by partnering ministries. Actions focused on preventing and addressing elder abuse are identified as a priority in the Cross-Ministry Action Plan with Alberta Seniors and Community Supports being responsible for providing leadership in this area.

Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.11 SENIORS/2010 addressing_elder_abuse.pdf

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