Title:An environmental scan of active living and fall prevention programs for older adults in Alberta
Author(s):Hystad, Jennifer
Corporate Author: Alberta Centre for Active Living
Subject:Seniors – programs, services|split|Seniors – community facilities|split|Housing – for seniors
Publisher:Alberta Centre for Active Living
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2010

In 2009, the Alberta Centre for Active Living initiated this environmental scan through a grant from the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation. An external consultant, Jennifer Hystad, MSc, was contracted to carry out the environmental scan and report on findings. Her experience with older adult physical activity and understanding of background issues were beneficial to this project. A provincial Project Advisory Committee guided the project and made important contributions. This Summary Report offers insights about the core findings of the scan and highlights a series of recommendations.

Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.11 SENIORS/2010 active_living.pdf

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