Title:Climate justice, green jobs and sustainable production in BC
Author(s):Lee, Marc|split|Carlaw, Kenneth I.
Subject:Labour force – general|split|Employment – general|split|Environmental issues – resource conservation
Publisher:Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Place of Publication:Vancouver
Date of Publication:2010

To fight against catastrophic climate change, BC needs to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to near zero by mid-century at the latest. This amounts to a new, green industrial revolution that will have transformative impacts on work in the province. In addition, the need to adapt to inevitable climate change impacts will also have employment implications. With this report, we hope to contribute to a growing conversation about industrial and employment strategies the BC government can use to transition to a sustainable economy and create a new generation of well-paying green jobs. Past industrial revolutions have caused great upheaval and hardship, with some sectors of society bearing a terrible burden. If this green industrial revolution is to occur in a just manner, we need to help workers make the transition to new employment, and provide economically marginalized people with new opportunities to secure decent work and economic security. Creating green jobs allows us not only to confront climate change, but also to achieve climate justice.

Material Type:Report

M. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES/2010 CCPA_bc_climatejustice_green_jobs.pdf

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