Title:The cost of poverty in Nova Scotia
Author(s):MacEwen, Angella|split|Saulnier, Christine
Subject:Poverty – general|split|Social determinants of health|split|Education – general
Publisher:Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Nova Scotia
Place of Publication:Halifax, NS
Date of Publication:2010

For those who argue that we cannot afford to end poverty, this report makes clear that we cannot afford to ignore it. There is obviously a moral imperative to end poverty first and foremost for those living in poverty. But, there also exists a compelling business case to be made for effective poverty reduction strategies because very real costs of poverty are borne by society as a whole. Poverty is linked with higher rates of crime, increased health care needs, higher school drop-out rates, and lost productivity. If additional poverty reduction dollars are invested wisely alongside current poverty alleviation programs, there will be short and long-term savings to offset the initial investment.

Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.04 POVERTY/2010 poverty_nova_scotia.pdf

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