Title:What is a sustainable city?
Author(s):Heinberg, Richard
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2010

This Discussion Paper begins by recalling the history of the term sustainability, showing how it serves to focus our vital public interest in enhancing our society’s long-term prospects for survival and maintenance. The Paper surveys the broad and growing literature on the subject, identifying five “axioms of sustainability,” and offers a set of working definitions and criteria that the City of Edmonton can use in its decision-making processes. It also lists some examples of policies and best practices that might help guide the City to avoid pitfalls—in terms of reliance on unreliable and environmentally damaging resource streams—that could otherwise lead to economic and environmental decline. These examples suggest there are many things that Edmonton can do to move in the direction of long-term sustainability while also improving citizens’ lives in the short term.

Series:The Edmonton Sustainability Papers – Discussion Paper 1
 Material Type:Report

E. URBAN ISSUES/E.01 PLANNING/2010 sustainable_city.pdf

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