Title: 2010 Whitehorse Housing Adequacy Study
Author(s): Westfall, Rachel
Corporate Author: Yukon health and social services
Subject: Housing – studies, surveys
Publisher: Yukon Health and Social Services
Place of Publication: Whitehorse
Date of Publication: 2010
Abstract: The Whitehorse Housing Adequacy Study was designed to address a long-standing need for statistical information on homelessness and housing challenges in the Whitehorse area. While it is not intended to be representative of the whole Whitehorse population, it provides a snapshot of a vulnerable sub-population during a specific time period. “The study will help all of us – government and agencies alike – address the growing needs around affordable housing and homelessness by taking the evidence-based data and using it to identify priorities and develop programs and services to help those wanting to make better lives for themselves,” Health and Social Services Minister Glenn Hart said. The survey was created by the Department of Health and Social Services in partnership with the Yukon Bureau of Statistics and the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition. A number of key stakeholders provided input and advice from early April to mid-May, 2010.
Language: English
Material Type: Report

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