Title: The Winnipeg Street Health Report 201
Author(s): Gessler, Suzanne, & Maes, Christina
Subject: Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness, Poverty – general
Publisher: Main Street Project
Place of Publication: Winnipeg
Date of Publication: 2011
Abstract: In March 2010 the Winnipeg Street Health Report research team came together to set in motion a plan to study the health status, housing and social service needs of people who are homeless in the city. Spearheaded by the Main Street Project (MSP), Winnipeg’s oldest emergency homeless shelter, the project is the first of its kind in Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Street Health Report presents the results of a survey on the health status of homeless people in Winnipeg conducted in the summer of 2010. The report provides an analysis of survey participants’ responses, seeking to help build an overview of homelessness in Winnipeg and contributing to an understanding of the daily living conditions of people experiencing this devastating social problem. The findings focus on the physical and mental health status of homeless people, how they use health care and social services, and their experiences of accessing these systems. Where possible, this report compares the health of those surveyed with available information for the general population of the City of Winnipeg. Based on these findings, recommendations are offered with concrete solutions and strategies to improve the health of homeless people and to address homelessness.
The Winnipeg Street Health Report has been modeled on similar reports conducted in other major Canadian cities. The ability to compare and contrast the Winnipeg findings with other jurisdictions can contribute to our further understanding of homelessness in general and in particular contexts.
Language: English
Material Type: Report

D. HOUSING/2011 winnipeg_street_health.pdf

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